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How do I get to the NFL?

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My first experience training with John was after my rookie season with the Chiefs and I wish I had discovered about his training early in my college career. I went out to his San Diego location with a few other NFL kickers where we kicked, worked out, and watched film for a week. What I loved the most about my experience was John's immense knowledge on the kicking and weight training aspects for becoming a better and stronger kicker

- Cairo Santos, Chicago Bears

Get the NFL prep you need to succeed in your rookie year...and beyond! As you prepare to kick, punt or snap at the next level, get every possible advantage: in physical preparation, mental preparation, situational preparation, scope of the pro game, the pro business... all in the effort to give you incredible confidence in your talent and preparation.


I’ve designed a five-day training regimen to provide you the highest level of coaching and mentoring to bridge the gap from the college game to the pros. I personally train you, along with my coaching staff which includes NFL veterans Mike Scifres (punter), David Binn (snapper) and Lonie Paxton (snapper) The regimen includes personal challenges and competitions designed to guide you to be at you peak of mental and physical preparedness for the NFL Combine, All-Star Games, and your Pro Day.


John has experienced every different situation in his career.  If I had gone to him prior to college all-star games, pro day and the draft, I would have been able to better focus my energy on what mattered the most: how to make it as an NFL kicker and have a long career like John’s.

- Younghoe Koo, Atlanta Falcons

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Carney Coaching was great for me in my draft preparation. John was very good at not trying to change me and honoring my specific kicking style, but helping tweak little things to help me become better. Also, I received tips and knowledge that you can't get anywhere else, knowledge that comes from playing 20+ years in the league. That alone was very helpful to me.

- Matt Gay, Los Angeles Rams

You'll go through our skill-specific strength and conditioning program at Carney Training Facility (CTF), along with skill development and mental preparedness. Based on my four decades of personal experience as a player in the NFL, my programs are tried and true, and  continue to develop as active NFL specialists share their routines with me.  We have the most comprehensive and in-depth curriculum in existence today. 

In addition to the physical and mental preparation required to succeed as an NFL specialist, I also orient you to NFL weekly routines, game day routines, navigating the relationships with NFL special teams coaches, dealing with the pressures of the NFL, and secrets for separating themselves from the pack.

I had the special privilege  of having John as a teammate and mentor my rookie year and Super Bowl winning season. I made rapid progress learning from his 20+ years of NFL experience. The knowledge I gained is invaluable.

- Thomas Morestead, Miami Dolphins


The moment my college season ended I began training at CTF with Coach Carney and it was the best decision I ever made. I had only weeks to prepare for some of the biggest moments in my athletic career (Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, Pro Day, and Private workouts) and Coach Carney provided me with the resources to be conditioned both mentally and physically to dominate those opportunities. For any player wanting to further their career after college, I don't hesitate to recommend CTF.

- Johnny Townsend, NFL Free Agent

If you truly want to have the best possible preparation along with a competitive advantage over all the other kickers, punters and snappers, join me for one of our NFL Prep weeks.  Looking forward to working with you.

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