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What's it worth to you to have more consistency, accuracy and power in your kicking and punting?


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You've come to the right place!  The Specialist System contains two modules full of organized, tested and proven processes created by John Carney - 23 year NFL veteran and kicking/punting coach - that will give you the tools to kick/punt more consistently, accurately and powerfully.  Download The Specialist System to your phone or tablet and use it for your next field session and workout.


KICK, PUNT AND TRAIN LIKE A PRO is THE trusted source for instructional videos for kickers and punters.  


What equipment do you need?  What are productive drills for productive field sessions? What swing thoughts should you have?  What is the best hand position for punters to hold the ball?

You'll have answers to these questions - and many more - developed from Coach Carney's 30+ years of competing and coaching at every level of football.

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THE ULTIMATE KICKER & PUNTER STRENGTH PROGRAM is the only skill-specific, comprehensive system for specialists to train, not just "workout".

Have you walked into the weight room and thought, "What am I supposed to do?"

Or have you been asked to perform exercises better suited for other positions on your team?

Kickers and punters must be: strong, powerful, fast, explosive, agile, have balance and be flexible.  Coach Carney's training system will help you perform at a high level.

About John Carney

John Carney had a legendary 23 year professional football career.  While he is remembered by teammates and fans as one of the most prolific place-kickers in the history of the National Football League, he “kicked off” Carney Coaching after his final game to make an impact of a different sort.


John is now a nationally sought-after coach and mentor for the rising generation of kickers and punters.  He continues to be instrumental in preparing and placing specialists to compete at the highest levels of high school, college and professional football.


After a record-breaking collegiate career with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, John scored 2,062 points over four decades in the NFL. Carney spent 16 years of his career with two franchises, the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.  John also had stints as the starting kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. He played in Super Bowl XXlX, coached in Super Bowl XLlV, was voted to the Pro Bowl in 1994 and again in 2008, where he was the oldest player ever to play in the game.


The Specialist System retails for $80.  But, because we believe in you, we want you to have access to it TODAY for $40. Sound good? 

  • Specialist System

    • INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS - Kick, Punt & Train Like a Pro
    • WORKOUT SYSTEM - Ultimate Kicker & Punter Strength Program
  • The Farm - Goat

    Every month
    Valid for 7 months
    • One (1) Carney Clinic per month
    • Group workouts for kickers/punters (12/month)
  • The Farm - Horse

    Every month
    Valid for 7 months
    • Vision meeting for off-season success
    • Two (2) one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions
    • Meeting with our nutritionist to discuss eating plan
    • Meeting with athletic trainer: recovery/avoiding injury
    • Two (2) group kicking session per month
    • Twelve (12) group workouts per month
  • The Farm - Bull

    Every month
    Valid for 7 months
    • Seven (7) one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions
    • Seminar on exposure to college programs
    • Skills video session for college exposure
    • Vision meeting for off-season success
    • Meeting with our nutritionist to discuss eating plan
    • Meeting with athletic trainer: recovery/avoid injury
    • One (1) group kicking session per month
    • Twelve (12) group workouts per month
  • The Answer Guide

    • Consider this answer guide an investment in your 2022 season
    • Putting the answers into practice will make you a more...
    • consistent, reliable, powerful, knowledgeable specialist.
    • You'll impress your coaches at this level and the next.
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    • Exclusive customizable event with John Carney.
    • Company featured in highlight video. Posted to social media.
    • Banner and signage on Competition Field. Banner on websites.
    • Company included in PR media.
    • Name and logo on competition jerseys.
    • Name and logo on Winner’s presentation check.
    • Product placement and sampling with athletes.
    • Priority access for sponsorship of all 2024 Carney Coaching.
    • Company featured at Carney Training Facility.

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