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the art of kicking

a masterclass by John carney




I have never had a kicking coach in my career and learned to kick through the long process of trial and error. The AOK program made me break down my entire process mentally, physically and spiritually and help me rebuild it through knowledge and understanding... it gave me the confidence to take my career to the next level from women’s semi-pro football to men’s professional football.

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Before the program I was actually going to back out of attempting combine qualification and after I had found a whole new mindset. Along with that I was able to take some key details and apply them on the field. I have a different weight room regiment now that suits much better, I’m much less afraid of punting into heavier than average wind conditions (always a fear of mine), and I have a much better specialists’ IQ. That one is huge...

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Coach Mike Raynard,
Kicking Coach

As a current coach, I learned more during those 6 weeks than I did in 40+ combined years of playing and coaching kickers and punters. Coach Carney’s ability to simplify the ‘Art of Kicking’ is like that of no other person I have worked with in my kicking journey. Coach Carney’s vast experience and easy to follow teaching methods make this program invaluable.

About John Carney

John Carney had a legendary 23 year professional football career.  While he is remembered by teammates and fans as one of the most prolific place-kickers in the history of the National Football League, he “kicked off” Carney Coaching after his final game to make an impact of a different sort.


John is now a nationally sought-after coach and mentor for the rising generation of kickers and punters.  He continues to be instrumental in preparing and placing specialists to compete at the highest levels of high school, college and professional football.


Knowing that elite specialists and coaches are in search of ways to perfect their craft and maximize their performance, John created The Art of Kicking masterclass as a vehicle to share his wealth of knowledge and insight that you will not find anywhere else.


After a record-breaking collegiate career with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, John scored 2,062 points over four decades in the NFL. Carney spent 16 years of his career with two franchises, the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints.  John also had stints as the starting kicker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants. He played in Super Bowl XXlX, coached in Super Bowl XLlV, was voted to the Pro Bowl in 1994 and again in 2008, where he was the oldest player ever to play in the game.

About John Carney

Lesson plan

1.  Two Lies and a Truth

Is what you’ve been taught about how to kick and punt a football actually true?  Coach Carney breaks down fallacies and misinformation and replaces them with tried and true mechanics and swing thoughts that will help you achieve your full potential.


2.  Be Mental

Is your mental game holding up under pressure situation, competitions and at ranking events? Your mental game is as important as your physical preparation and technical skill.  Learn vital techniques and approaches that Coach Carney has developed from his NFL and NCAA experience.


3.  Get Specialist Strong

Is the workout you’re doing today helping you get, not just strong, but specialist strong?  Learn skill-specific training to optimize your kicking and punting for maximum impact.

4.  Your routines determine your reality

Elite specialists have one thing in common: the laser-like focus needed to create successful routines.  Your customized routines determine your reality to…be the difference-maker your team needs you to be.


5.  Do you have all the right tools in your toolbox?

Do you have all the tools you need to succeed?  Coach Carney has wisdom, tricks of the trade and secrets of success that he wants to share with YOU.  PS Google won’t be able to help you find these tools.


6.  “Courage to fail, perseverance to succeed” - John Carney

You are a winner.  But being a winner takes a winning mindset.  Coach Carney will teach you the psychology of a champion.

Lesson Plan



Feed your passion with six presentations by Coach Carney on The Six Pillars of Success.


Members-only Facebook Group

The Art of Kicking Facebook group gives you members-only access to informative and transformative insight crafted from Coach Carney’s 30+ years of experience in the football world.


Instructional videos

With your access to The Art of Kicking Facebook group, you’ll view new instructional videos from Coach Carney over the six weeks of the class.  The videos will cover everything from equipment to exercises to handling different field conditions.


Live Q&A sessions with Coach Carney

Each week, Coach Carney will host a live Q&A session via Zoom to discuss the weekly presentation, instructional videos or anything else that is on your mind.

Class elements

six pillars of success

The Right Mechanics

Mental Game

Strength and Conditioning for specialists

Proven Routines

The Kicker Toolbox

Psychology of a Champion

Six Pillars of Sucess
Field Goal attempt 5.jpg

John Carney by the numbers

2,062 career points - 5th in NFL History

478 made field goals - 5th in NFL history

1,076 career points - San Diego Chargers (1st in franchise history)

82.4% - Field Goal Accuracy

22/24 - Clutch Kicking Success

2X Pro Bowl selection - 1994 and 2008

Super Bowl XXIX - San Diego Chargers

Super Bowl XLIV - New Orleans Saints Player/Coach

All-Time Teams - San Diego Chargers and Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Hall of Fame - New Orleans Saints and Florida High School Athletic Association

NFL Man of the Year - San Diego Chargers (Five times)



What is The Art of Kicking?

This six week program is for the advancement of specialists and coaches seeking a higher level of performance.  Not only informative, but transformative. 


Is The Art of Kicking for me?

The program is masters level information for advanced and intermediate kickers, punters and high school, college and pro coaches.

What does my Art of Kicking masters degree get me?

You’ll learn and understand the Six Pillars of Success and create a game plan to implement these principles for the 2021 season, as well as tools you need to pursue opportunities in college and the NFL.


How much does The Art of Kicking cost?

$1,100   , which includes presentations and live Q&A sessions with Coach Carney, members-only Facebook group and instructional video lessons.


Will I have the best learning experience possible?

We are confident that your Art of Kicking masters degree will help you perform/coach at an elite level.  If you are not happy with your experience, we’ll offer you a full refund, no questions asked.


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