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you don't want to be an ok specialist , right?

College Specialist Training Week
College Specialist Training Week
Jan 13, 2020, 8:00 AM – Jan 17, 2020, 12:00 PM
Carney Training Facility,
6102 Avenida Encinas G, Carlsbad, CA 92011, USA

college specialist week


I didn't have someone training me.  I was doing a lot on my own.  So, to come out here and get with Coach Carney...he really invested in me. It wasn't 'how much money can you give me' or what number are you on my list'.  It's 'I want to get you better' because he really does care.  I did one lesson with him and fell in love and the rest has been history.

- Caleb Mancini, Montana State University

Experience the most comprehensive teaching, mentoring and training in the country for college kickers and punters! (NOT draft eligible)

Coach John Carney, San Diego Chargers legend, New Orleans Saints hall of Famer, two-time Pro Bowler and 5th leading scorer in NFL history, shares and discusses his 23 years of knowledge and experience throughout his record-breaking professional career.  


Training includes mentoring and coaching from Coach Carney himself, three days of field work, five days of skill-specific strength and conditioning program at Carney Training Facility and video review.  Coach Carney spends time getting to know you and your swing and applies his insight and knowledge of playing and coaching at every level of football to help you improve your craft.  Your training fee includes one stretch session with our athletic trainer (on-site). 

Coach Carney also prepares you mentally with presentations on  everything from weekly routines to game day routines to navigating the relationships with coaches and secrets for standing out regardless of what network your games are broadcast on.


Coach Carney has been so helpful through working out at his gym and having someone who knows so much about how to kick and how to workout.  He has all these connections that have been helpful with the NFL, college and high school guys.

- Dean Janikowski, Washington State University

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